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The Sustainable People is a Start-Up, based in Hamburg, working on reducing plastic waste in our everyday lives. After starting out with dog poop bags made from plant based, biodegradable material, they have kept expanding their range. Currently they offer 14 eco-friendly products, including a dog treat bag, bin liners in all sizes and an organic waste trash can. The customer gets

to choose between two kinds of plastic alternatives - biodegradable material or recycled plastic.

the Brand           

the Task     

In early 2017 I was given the opportunity to create the Brand´s Visual Identity and Packaging Design based on the pre-existing brand name lettering.


Over the years it was important to keep the design flexible enough to work for all new additions to

the Brand´s product range, while creating a recognizable and fun look for online store, information material, social media, cooperations, posters, presentations, merchandise, fairs and exhibitions.

Even tough working with a limited Start-Up budget, additional focus was put on continuing the  product´s emphasis on sustainability into the packaging. Optimal use of the space in shipping

boxes, plastic free packaging and minimal use of printing dye helped reduce the environmental impact and became part of the Brand´s Look and Feel. 

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